Inovision is the Developer & Provider of Innovative Glass & Aluminium Products and Services.

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa with a national web of clients to supply quality, innovative frameless glass products. Bring us your product idea, if you do not know how to develop it from concept to the market. Our proud R&D team are always doing upgrades and rustling up new products. 

We’re the market leader of innovative products. Not only in the Frameless Glass trade, but also in other glass and aluminium products. We pride ourselves on working to meet National Building Regulations. Key players in AAAMSAStructural engineers and Competent Persons (Glazing), assist us in testing our products and standards. We make sure to set the trend with innovation and quality.

With Skill and experience dating back to 1997, Inovision is a natural leader to supply the ever growing market with frameless products. We constantly extend our national network through reputable assoc. companies.




The “Improved Difference”

We aim to set the trend with innovation and quality, making an Improved Difference in the trade. Inovision develops and upgrades frameless stack door systems to comply with legislation and at the same time supply the user with an upper class end product.

We also have a range of products that adds more value to our Stack Systems.



Our Products

We are proud to present a choice of innovative products.




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