Clean & Protect

The Clean & Protect range provides you the peace of mind that you need, especially where it comes to glass products. It is sometimes hard to clean, and the protection thereof seems to be a natural instinct. Inovision Distributors have seen the need to facilitate you through the innovation of a Clean & Protect range.



Our Protective Film is a water based adhesive used for the protection of a variety of surfaces and temporary protection during, manufacture, installation and transportation.


  • Glass and aluminium.
  • Automotive transport
  • Natural stones
  • Painted surfaces
  • Kitchen Tops
  • Cupboard doors and boards
  • Carpet protection.



  • Lasting protection during phases.
  • Leaves no residue when removed.
  • Water based adhesive rather than solvent based adhesive.
  • Excellent for wrapping.
  • Sold per roll.


The surfaces to which the Protective Film is to be applied should be free from dust, oils, solvents and other contaminants. Apply to clean surface between 10°C and 40°C. Remove the film with even tension between 10°C and 30°C for best results.


  • Colour – Clear Packaging.
  • 600ml wide x 200m long.
  • 50 Microns(custom thickness on volume orders).



The product is ideally suited for the protection of glass, aluminum, marble, fiberglass, and even-textured plastic surfaces.

Note: Because the anodizing processes vary, it is recommended to test the efficacy of the product on your specific system particularly if it is applied immediately following the anodizing.


  • Protection of your product during manufacturing, storage, transport and installation,
  • Resistant to cement, mortar and paint, allows light to enter building.
  • Water based, non-toxic, easy to apply.


Shelf life is 12 Months when stored in original packing in 50% RH between 10°C-30°C



*UV stability was evaluated on numerous surfaces under actual exterior exposure and also in accelerated laboratory weathering tests. However, as all customer processes, environmental conditions and specific substrates differ, it is essential that customers always evaluate the product under their conditions before large-scale use.

Warranty and Limited Liability Protective Skin is formulated for, and best performs on non-porous surfaces. Because it is difficult to determine the type and condition of the surface, always perform a patch-test first. It will determine the peel-ability of the coating on your particular surface. It will also indicate the coverage and the approximate amount of time required for it to be applied and removed.

Please note: We offer no express or implied warranty on our products on any surface. The information and recommendations provided above in respect of this product are based upon our own laboratory tests and our own field use experience with this and similar products. However, since conditions of actual use are beyond our control and also vary in various climates and surfaces, the information and recommendations are also made without any warranty, whether express or implied.

All information is offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification and is not to be taken as any warranty or representation for which we assume any legal responsibility.

The Manufacturer’s or the Seller of the product’s sole and exclusive obligation shall be strictly limited to replacing that portion (or quantity) of the product sold, if it has been proven defective or non-performing.

Any claims must be submitted with a detailed description of the surface, the application process and relevant photos, to the following email address: and within 5 working days of the alleged defect.

The Manufacturer or Seller shall under no circumstances, be liable for any loss, damage, or injury, whether direct, indirect or consequential, that arise out of the use of this product. Please note that no claims for any replacement of alleged defective product will be considered if and while the customer’s account is in arrears, or any payment on invoices are overdue.