Orange Pot

Let’s research your Idea together.


Potjie PotThe ORANGE POT is the R&D Dept. team’s play-park, the research, detail and development of each product. First every new idea, is reviewed and studied in depth. Delve into the concept and develop it into a working model.

The team are skilled in and always aware of the restrictions of AAAMSA standards and other requirements that the SA Building Regulations present this industry with. 

When ideas come, and ultimately in our industry, they will, your idea will be well looked after if you should add it to our arrangement of Orange Ideas in our Orange Pot:

Constantly brain-waving. Roaming the earth for new concepts and fresh outlooks. Invent and distribute. We would truly enjoy receiving your perception of what views/glass/aluminium should look like in your environment.

Our Research & Development team lives for challenges and we, as your Innovative Partner, will invite you to join us in the Research & Development of your concept. We take all ideas seriously.


Throw your idea in our Orange Pot by completing the form to the right, send it, and see what happens…